I started out my career in law enforcement in 2002, when I joined the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department Explorers POST#226. This was a fun and rewarding experience where I got to see what being a deputy sheriff was about. I was an Explorer for three years and graduated from from the police academy at Ray Simon Regional Criminal Justice Training Center at end of 2005.  I started working in Adult Detention in 2006. I have worked at the Public Safety Center and the Honor Farm. I transferred to Patrol Operations in 2008 and have worked on the streets since.

I have worked in several Contract Cities to include Riverbank and the City of Patterson. I was promoted as a Field Training Officer. I helped train the new deputy sheriffs assigned to patrol operations. I have been working with Sheriff Canines since I began volunteering as a sheriff explorer. In Februray 2013, I was assigned to the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department K-9 unit as an Agitator/Decoy. I received a certificate of completion as an Agitator from Alderhorst International in Riverside California. 

On August 24th 2013 I was selected as one of the newest K9 handlers. I was fortunate to have been given K9-Ringo by his prior Handler, Deputy Bryan Albers. K9 Ringo and I started working on the streets together on August 27th 2013. After being selected as a K9 handler, I was re-assigned to the Sheriff's Office Central division working the unincorporated areas of the county. We worked together until May 2016. K9-Ringo had to retire due to having arthritis in his spine. Ringo is now living with a great family. Ringo gets to play in the pool, and gets to relax on the couch. He is truely living the retired life. Thank you to K9-Ringo for your service to the community and protecting me.

On May 27th 2016, I was blessed to get my new K9. He was born in Holland and is an amazing addition to our team. This new dog was initally named Bliksem which mean "Lightening". I have always wanted a K9 partner to have the name Gage, so that is what I named him. K9-Gage served in our Gang and Narcotics Unit and is now working patrol operations in the unincorporated area of Stanislaus County.












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