I started my career in law enforcement in 2012 by attending the 149th Alameda County Sheriff's Office academy as an affiliate of the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department. I graduated the Academy in April of 2013. After successfully completing the academy I was assigned to the Patrol division FTO program.  

In January 2014 I was selected to become a Canine Agitator/Decoy. Being a part of the Canine Unit has always been a goal of mine ever since starting my law enforcement career. This experience will further my training with the dogs and current handlers and also prepare myself for my goal of becoming a handler myself.
In August 2015 I was selected as the next canine handler. I tested several potential canines and found and amazing Dutch Shepherd. I named him Kuma and he is a great dog. He was born in Holland and spent the first two and half years of his life being trained by an excellent trainer and owner. Kuma is loved by the members of our association, members of the Sheriff's Department, and the community.