In 1981, the Stanislaus County Sheriff's K9 Unit originated with two K-9 handlers.  Today the unit consists of twelve handlers and canines, a unit supervisor and unit commander. The Stanislaus Sheriff K-9 Unit completes various patrol functions including tracking, criminal apprehension, locating evidence and searches.  We provide a high level of quality service, protection to our community and support to field deputies.

The Stanislaus Sheriff K-9 Association formed to provide supplemental training, enhance the safety of our active K-9 teams with equipment beyond what the department is able to provide, support for our retired K-9 partners by providing the best possible care, educate the public regarding police service dogs and honor our canines when they pass away. The Association recognizes the tremendous amount of public interest in police service dogs. We take a proactive stance in educating the public about the role our K-9 partners play in fighting crime in our community. In addition, we aim to support our community through school education, demonstrations and giving back to our community.

We accomplish this through generous donations from individuals and businesses within the community, as well as organized fundraisers. The Stanislaus Sheriff K-9 Association is a non-profit tax exempt public charity recognized under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.